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About Us

Alfresco Woodfire is a sister company to Alfresco Espresso, Brisbane's premier mobile coffee catering business.  

In travelling around to events, parties and festivals all around Brisbane, we saw there was a market for good quality, delicious, yet healthy food.  There are only so many hot chips one can eat, particularly for festivals that last for several days.  

Following on from Alfresco Espresso's motto 'bringing you a little luxury', our goal with Alfresco Woodfire is to serve delicious, healthy pizzas, bringing your visitors and guests a uniquely pleasurable experience.   In this busy world, wonderful things still do exist, and Alfresco Woodfire pizzas bring your special event luxury pizzas that indulge the senses. 

Our expert Alfresco Woodfire pizza cooks are special people, who add a sense of fun and flair, while cooking very special pizzas for guests and visitors to your party, fete, corporate event or festival.

"Bringing you a little luxury"

We're achieving that with Alfresco Espresso

Now you can have the same gourmet experience with

Alfresco Woodfire Pizzas.

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